Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Peter Atkinson 
UCR Peter Atkinson 2023-19.jpg


Insect Genetics & Transposable Elements
Tel: (951) 827-4782


Office Information
2234A Genomics Building (Faculty Office)
2258 Genomics Building (Deans Office)

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  • B. Sc. (Honors)   University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Ph. D. University of Melbourne, Australia

Departments / Programs

  • Department of Entomology
  • CNAS Deans Office
  • Institute for Integrative Genome Biology
  • Center for Infectious and Disease Vector Research
  • Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology
  • Entomology Graduate Program
  • Pacific Southwest Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases

Research Areas

  • Insect genetic control
  • Genetics of medical and agricultural important insects
  • Development of transposable elements as gene vectors in insects
  • Transposable elements and DNA recombination
  • Mosquito Genomics
  • Agricultural Pest Control
  • Transposons in Human Gene Therapy


Postdoctoral Scholars

Inaiara de Souza Pacheco

Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D.
Lab Location: Entomology
Tel: (951) 827-4782

Graduate Students

Sally Ireri
sally ireri

Graduate Student, Entomology
Cell, Molecular and Developmental Interdepartmental Graduate Program
Program: Ph.D.
Lab Location: Genomics
Tel: (951) 827-4782

Alexander Valenzuela
alex valenzuela

Graduate Student, Plant Sciences
Plant Biology Graduate Program (with Prof. Walling)

Program: Ph.D.
Lab Location: Botany & Plant Sciences
Tel: (951) 827-4782

Undergraduate Students

Michelle Algier
Eric Cheang
Cynthia De León
Shiraz Mogul
Russell Woo

Lab Staff

Alyssa Abuda (with Prof Walling)
Timothy Roose (with Prof’s Walling and Redak)
Valerie Baule (with Prof Walling)
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